• Top Five Teams of the Euro Cup 2020

    Top Five Teams of the Euro Cup 2020

    Did someone say futbal? Futbal, soccer however you say it it's that time of year again for some spring soccer season. As we make our way into the exciting up and coming Euro cup I'd like to recap the top five teams I can see winning this year's coveted coupe des clubs trophy. 

    1. Finland

     Although somewhat of an underdog, I can definitely see Finland doing a great job this year in Euro Cup 2020 as it is their first year qualifying and their passion seems to be overflowing for the game right now. 

    2. Ukraine

     It is of no surprise that Ukraine made my list of top competitors for the Euro cup this year. They've got a tough mid-field and defense line up that will be hard to break through this season. 

    3. Italy

     After much thought and consideration, I am adding Italy to my list of potential Euro cup winner this season, although they've had a rough start, they seem to always know how to pull through in the end when it really counts.

    4. Spain 

     This just wouldn't be a winning soccer team list without Spain. Spain has been a legend in the football world and continues to impress. I would be shocked if Spain didn't at least make it to the top four this season. 

    5. Belgium

     Finally, if I had to choose a winner of this year's Euro cup competition, I would most likely choose Belgium to win it all. They are looking like quite a force to be reckoned with this season and both offensively and defensively extremely tight. To learn more about Euro 2020 visit bursa piala euro.

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