• What Are the Top Teams to Bet on for the Euro 2020

    What Are the Top Teams to Bet on for the Euro 2020

    Bettting on the EURO 2020 may have been postponed for a while due to the coronavirus, but it does not mean football fans are not planning their bets already for when they can get started.

    After all, EURO 2020 is the most important football tournament of the next few years, and everyone that bets on sports wants to be involved.

    This also means people want to place their bets on the top teams in EURO 2020, or at the very least on the teams that are the most likely to win.

    Portugal -- If you want to bet on a top team for EURO 2020, Portugal is one of the favorites to both do well and to win the tournament.

    This is both due to Portugal's first place win in the last EURO tournament as well as their strong playing in the last few months.

    France -- The French team is another top team in the upcoming tournament, although opinions differ as to how well they will do.

    Some football experts believe the French team is over-hyped and could bomb out early, while others think they have what it takes to go all the way to the final.

    England -- The English side has a strong team this year and a huge drive to succeed. This is especially true when you consider they have not taken home the EURO cup for many years.

    While definitely classified as one of the top teams of the tournament, some experts also believe the team will collapse during the first rounds of the EURO 2020 and not do as well as expected. To get the latest updated on Euro 2020 come visit bursa piala euro.


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